From Field to Rink: Sports Replay Backs the Langley Rivermen

Sports Excellence Meets Ice Excellence: From Skates to Sticks, Together on the Rink

Langley, BC – October 00, 2023 – Another exciting day for sports enthusiasts in Langley, as the Langley Rivermen proudly announce their newest partnership with Sports Replay – Sports Excellence. As a homegrown sporting goods shop renowned for its vast inventory, Sports Replay is set to reinforce the Rivermen’s enduring commitment to the sports community.

“Sports Replay has been the go-to shop for athletes of all kinds in our community. Their reputation for quality and variety aligns perfectly with our pursuit of excellence,” said Dana Matheson, owner of the Rivermen.

Serving the local sports community since 2003, Sports Replay has been aptly dubbed a “sports heaven” by many. Whether it’s upgrading gear or initiating someone new into a sport, their array, which spans from hockey to pickleball, offers something for everyone.

Jamie Schreder, co-owner of the Rivermen, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The synergy between our organizations is palpable. As Sports Replay outfits athletes across various sports, we see a reflection of our commitment to nurturing talent in the rink.”

Shane Muche, Director of Business Operations for the Rivermen, anticipates the multifaceted benefits of this collaboration. “We’re excited to tap into the vast expertise of Sports Replay’s staff, potentially elevating our gear and overall game experience.”

Fans of both the Rivermen and sports at large can look forward to promotions, events, and collaborations that will undoubtedly amplify the sporting spirit in Langley and neighboring regions.

For more information about the Rivermen, visit our website or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for the season. To learn more about Sports Replay, visit their website.