Precision Meets Passion: Langley Rivermen Joins Forces with Precision Auto Service

Accelerating Together: Rivermen and Precision Auto Gear Up for a Collaborative Journey

Langley, BC – September 07, 2023 – The Langley Rivermen Hockey Club is thrilled to announce its recent collaboration with the distinguished Precision Auto Service. This partnership is geared towards reinforcing community engagement, marrying the Rivermen’s sportsmanship with Precision Auto’s decades-long reputation in automobile servicing.

Jamie Schreder, co-owner of the Rivermen, applauded Precision Auto’s ethos, stating, “In both the world of sports and auto servicing, precision, dedication, and trust are paramount. We’re proud to align with Precision Auto Service, a name that has epitomized these values in Langley for nearly 25 years.”

Dana Matheson, co-owner of the Rivermen, added, “Scott Waddle and his team at Precision Auto have crafted a legacy built on impeccable service and community commitment. Their story resonates with our vision, and we’re excited to see where this partnership takes us.”

Shane Muche, Director of Business Operations, reflected on the collaboration’s potential: “Our partnerships are a testament to our dedication to the community. With Precision Auto Service alongside, we’re not only celebrating hockey but also the spirit of exceptional service and local commitment.”

For more information about the Rivermen, visit our website or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. More updates will follow as we gear up for the exciting season ahead. To learn more about Precision Auto Service, visit their website.